At Infinity TSD, we are constantly seeking new products and manufacturers that enhance our capabilities, ensuring we deliver the latest solutions to our customers. Explore our manufacturer’s page to see the partnerships driving our ability to provide a wide range of solutions for our customers’ electrical equipment lifecycle needs.


Exertherm® has a history of excellence and innovation spanning over 30 years specializing in 24×7 Thermal Monitoring of electrical infrastructure. Our sensor technology collects real-time temperature data from critical assets, reduces downtime via predictive maintenance, enhances safety, delivers cost savings, improves efficiency, and creates benefits via industrial IOT.

EA Technology

A global leader in electrical asset reliability. Offering a wide variety of tools and services, including the award winning UltraTEV Plus 2, which simplifies the detection and analysis of partial discharge. Other products and services include full time partial discharge monitoring, permanently installed HFCTs for medium voltage cable monitoring.

Schneider Electric Power Services EcoXpert

As a certified Schneider Electric Power Services Master EcoXpert, Infinity TSD can offer our customers the industries best low and medium voltage equipment modernization solutions.  From direct replacement circuit breakers for all OEM equipment to EcoCare programs for Schneider Electric equipment.


Designing and manufacturing remote racking solutions for low and medium voltage circuit breakers. With designs available for hundreds of different applications regardless of manufacturer, vintage, and model.  The SAFE-R-RACK solutions include open and closed door racking designs and allow workers to safely rack out circuit breakers from up to 150 feet away from the breaker cubicle.

Plant Power & Control Systems

Founded in 1990, PPCS is an electrical distribution equipment manufacturer located in Alabaster, AL.  PPCS specializes in medium voltage equipment for harsh environments, with capabilities to build metal enclosed and metal clad switchgear in stainless steel enclosures.


WASP CPS is a manufacturer of a wide variety of electrical distribution equipment including low voltage switchgear, switchboards, PDUs and motor control equipment.  Based in Kewanee, IL, WASP CPS can offer faster than industry standard delivery schedules and can utilize a variety of OEM breakers to meet any client’s requirements.

TE Connectivity MVPower Certified Contractor

This unique partnership program pairs TE’s energy expertise in manufacturing top quality cable accessories with highly qualified contractors to provide an enhanced value to the end customer.

We are committed to excellence, and we want to show you what separates our company from the rest.